The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,599 – Aug 27 2018

Clues Answers
Almost hit daughter coming out of one’s shower? CLOUD
Commotion behind the Guardian RUMPUS
Credit Leavers? No question, they’re animals to US CRITTERS
Doctor reveals more than 2 or 3? SEVERAL
Explicit communication by film group SEXTET
From earliest times, the odd vampire left behind one blood group PRIMAEVAL
Here Norse gods need a second pullover ASGARD
Idiot box broadcast ideas for fantastic state of happiness FOOLS
Interval drinks? Event has bottles SEVENTH
Joy needs to pull a man HEAVEN
Keen to go quietly WEEP
Lacking humour, though mostly funny WITHOUT
Like anteaters and armadillos, say, heading off to back garden? EDEN
No talking in Hanover Square NINE
Not even Bale is Wales’ last scorer BLISS
Number 4 scores with a boundary EIGHTYSIX
One writing grand, fine novel __ one with cutting edge PENKNIFE
Politician into initially inept football team? They’re getting better IMPROVERS
Region’s flora and fauna in book by Greek character BIOTA
Regularly looks at TV series LOST
See 21 TATE
Side finally leading game __ having changed side, won again REGAINED
Some wind from bared US bums OBOE
Steal from Polish characters drunk on flight after vacation SHOPLIFT
Stones’ No 1, covered by Prince HAIL
Team playing in China MATE
Tesla faults annoying children? TERRORS
Wherein one gets stoned __ awful dump, I gathered OPIUMDEN
Winter sportsmen not right as weather forecasters? SKIES

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