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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,600 – Aug 28 2018

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Clues Answers
A swimmer’s assistant AIDE
A warrant keeps Romeo on his toes ALERT
An inclination to be dishonest BENT
Assembled at three for drama THEATRE
Bishop’s restless and vindictive BITCHY
Cinders made trouble and is sorry ASHAMED
Cleaner hid broken ornament CHANDELIER
Commit time to play a stroke PUTT
Corrupt grown-up English count ADULTERATE
Cosmetic for girl entertained by libertine ROUGE
Display angry look when tucking into seafood FLOURISH
Downcast beauty mislaid oriental flower BLUEBELL
Dream of silver in island excavation IMAGINE
European operation creates discharge EMISSION
Excited about hairstyle seen at the coast SEAFRONT
Fit? Yes! Possibly spirited FEISTY
Further inside the Royal Society ALSO
Herald supporting petition PROCLAIM
Instruments curbing long-term depression DOLDRUMS
Left crew protecting queen? Exactly! QUITERIGHT
Man takes control at this point HEREIN
Nothing legitimate about duke’s trial ORDEAL
Obstruction to appear in road? You can bet on it! ROULETTE
Opponents for Jones, Bishop of Bury ENTOMB
Prefers to be in church to give absolution CLEANSE
Quote me in retrospect — it’ll make you sick! EMETIC
Shortages damage urban areas SCARCITIES
Trying to impress improperly? Pardon me! NAMEDROP