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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,601 – Aug 29 2018

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Clues Answers
20 lady’s plump for a queen giving a twirl ELECTRA
After a liaison’s end, woman’s heartache ANGINA
Assist with half of letters? ABET
Awful ruling blocked by leading revolutionary REPUGNANT
Danger’s kept for one key war yarn THEGREATESCAPE
Drink to fortify for embellish­ment NECKLACE
False information by great German chemist LIEBIG
Feature of some wines, eight swallowed in bar SCREWTOP
Great structure broadcaster’s right to include in romp SKYSCRAPER
Group’s chiastic rhyme scheme ABBA
Like film-maker’s second try to knock out western TAKETO
Liking what a songwriter may do PENCHANT
M&S clothing very large for fashion star MOSS
Mail penned by jerk is depressing TRAGIC
MC Hammer set to star without old lady TOASTMASTER
Mogul’s capital of precious metal with Russia’s banks AGRA
Mostly tinned pulp caterer put away INCARCERATE
Motioning to leave EU? This is very revealing GSTRING
One like Napoleon artist gets to pose STRATEGIST
Person stealing beer wants second drink PILLAGER
Poseur swots up about literary work SMARTALEC
Rabbit seen twice somewhere in France GASCONY
Split from sexually open-minded faction BISECT
Sue’s books, one with a scandalous ending LITIGATE
Tot learning it, one getting potty? TOILETTRAINING
Way a family member shows inactivity STASIS
Why outspoken opportunist’s put before court CHANCERY
Wow! Current ruler drops ecstasy IMPRESS