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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,602 – Aug 30 2018

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Clues Answers
Advanced on American girl walking the streets ABROAD
Arizona omitted housing name NAOMI
Bird making bird sound at end of flight COOT
By oneself, so funded at an international level? UNAIDED
Circling island, misplaces cultivated field SPECIALISM
Craving tasty mixtures, love, servant and one on one DIPSOMANIA
Diverting channel and moving home RECREATIONAL
Film set in Ceausescu mansion SCUM
Headless biblical figure’s restored and shrouded OBSCURED
Holy man’s down at shed, endlessly SADHU
Hooligan, having splashed out dosh, is equipped for slippery conditions ROUGHSHOD
Imagine many, many sheets in the air DREAMUP
Is there no way for me to bar projected supporter? CANTILEVER
Latin ’40 sounds stand out EXCEL
Lustre not right __ get lost VANISH
Many, many hollow air screws (500) MYRIAD
Moving experience __ sun dot flashing INDECENT
Mythological character cautious about bids CHARYBDIS
One’s on edge __ pardon me AHEM
Play leads to joint restriction HAMLET
Players bum around, I’d say PRESUMABLY
Playing charades with foreign leader is a form of cover HEADSCARF
Position of king, plus heir, ousted RULERSHIP
Roman name that sums up a hen party NOMEN
Set up broadcast flashes RAYS
Spar has sweet salmon etc __ to be avoided by bathers Boxjellyfish
To take after beer’s drunk with Mel RESEMBLE
Who would bother a runner? HARRIER