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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,604 – Sep 2 2018

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Clues Answers
British party welcoming stylish women with a bright idea BRAINWAVE
Budding extraterrestrial explorers wanting a small coin? NASCENT
Building worker eating tail of rancid Dutch fish TIDDLER
Class getting the French bug RANKLE
Dishes made with roots of green plants ENTREES
Draw out oblique angle to base of triangle ELONGATE
Dull books about British employment OBTUSE
Energetic agent taking in both sides SPRIGHTLY
Fanciful plan to narrowly beat editor on paper PIPEDREAM
Fellows in TV turning up to Palladium, perhaps ELEMENT
Gear redesigned by student leader featured in university handout LARGESSE
Highland mountain rising over source of terrible French water PLATEAU
Issue special programme SPROG
Jane spoke excitedly about a new river plant JAPANESE
Live in red wellies? DWELL
Offer to look after queen TENDER
Patience has very bright flower SOLITAIRE
Reg leaving new version of Greensleeves for a cup of tea mid-morning? ELEVENSES
Relative given extremely sweet nuts from the forest MAST
See 5 PEAS
Sentimental letter withdrawn MUSHY
Show always returning to Alabama REVEAL
South American stopping to look for source of oil SESAME
Supervisor put contents of bag in feeding trough MANAGER
Top directors accepting amateur for small roles CAMEOS
Top farmer was worried about Australian vegetables MARROWFAT
Tree at top of Princes Street PLANE
Well-padded backing applied to weak barrier aboard ship TAFFRAIL
Wretched fellows heading for torture in cellar BASEMENT