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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,607 – Sep 5 2018

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Clues Answers
Love, constant, above all’ __ Boatman’s sea creatures OCTOPI
A long walk for Mum going out with market disbanded TREK
Before, it was on every 24; after, unavailable, it’s frozen POST
Boatman changing direction for chemist’s last place on the 24 TAILOR
Butcher learns a place to keep things that might go off ARSENAL
Come back without second part of 9 OUNCE
Criticise half-hearted shopping centres, when erected SLAM
Deception in amusing farce FUNNYSTUFF
Eminent setter making changes to the traditional marketplace HIGHSTREET
Historical payment for spy to remove uniform SCOT
How to pay for something from an 11? COD
Make good lunch when? Late afternoon, say? ATONEFOR
Make stronger source of protein more pricey? BEEFUP
Money man gets parole __ at last, free BUCKSHEE
No more credit to do minimal business? TICKOVER
Odd? Put a revised total ADDUPTO
One cause of decline in the 24: filthy WC, repair needed PRICEWAR
One is on top of recording every foul REF
One offers concessions in a shopping centre to wipe out first of retailers to go back APPEASER
Out-of-town supermarket admits responsibility OWNSUP
See 13 SHOP
Set up plans for cheap source of protein SPAM
Shut down empty bakery, conveniently located CLOSEBY
Sole trader on the 24? FISHMONGER
Stick to what you’ll find in the classifieds? ADHERE
Temporarily transfer worker to grass: it’s growing on the 24 SECONDHAND
Type of apostrophe produced by semi-literate costermonger (not me!) should be deleted GROCERS
With 26 across, often found quietly replacing leading firms POUND
Wooded area and lake conceal backward-looking rip off ARBOREAL