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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,610 – Sep 9 2018

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Clues Answers
A fine cut of meat MINCE
Americans are from a different planet NEWWORLD
Be elated to have one’s stroll broadcast? WALKONAIR
Biscuit gives diet variety DIGESTIVE
Both parents collect a new hat PANAMA
Burning desire PYROMANIA
Charge through the gate ENTRYFEE
Chief relaxes car safety features HEADRESTS
Drinking vessel allowed to touch mouth GOBLET
Examiner is in wrong street TESTER
Famous person’s family title HOUSEHOLDNAME
Firmly establishes ancestry ROOTS
Go away and get busy BEATIT
Hearing revolutionary, takes notice MARKS
Incredible account of the giraffe? TALLSTORY
Local tour that goes swimmingly? PUBCRAWL
On board ship, head for the drink WALKTHEPLANK
Perhaps bee managed to cross river DRONE
Police team having wildly exciting time? RIOTSQUAD
Random glances around from muck spreader SCANDALMONGER
Read casually, gets worse in translation BROWSE
Sailor given errand is away ABSENT
Start making dress from pattern and stop CUTITOUT
Strong, virile types submitted to surgeon VEHEMENT
Tackling Alp, hasn’t a walking stick ASHPLANT
The opposite of what AA stands for? ALCOHOLABUSE
Violinist’s private room BOWER
Walk furtively in square with nothing to do SIDLE