The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,611 – Sep 10 2018

Clues Answers
A warning about lubricant: it gives you a lift AEROFOIL
Again, do up rogue’s clothing, about to pinch bum REBUTTON
Attractive Polish lover BUFF
Drugs blocking awful feeling of lover DESIRE
Endless waiting to get 4? LIMBO
Entrance part of party crowd in gilded ball DOORJAMB
Follow around flipping idiot in love DOTING
Funny person brings forward time for threesome TRIO
Italian lover: see one repeatedly be so frisky CICISBEO
Japanese leader with fat lover ABELARD
Lover in group styled hair before ball LOTHARIO
Lover in transit, on the move TRISTAN
Lover introducing the verse from Larkin? THISBE
Lover picked up ribbon BEAU
Lover with nothing on makes a bloomer OLEANDER
Lover’s part in Swedish erotica HERO
Lover’s vow shocked artless female lover IDOLATRESS
Married slim girl with a fluctuating weight MILLIGRAMS
Maybe sleeping around leads to tense, edgy argument DEBATE
One playing lute’s a lover ISEULT
Playboy or Spooner’s certifiable criminal? LADMAG
Reluctant lover’s initial vow LOATH
Risk passion, following break-up ENDANGER
See setter embracing individuals lacking love LONESOME
Shortly accepting ordinary kind of love COURTLY
Suitor admitting, say, what he wants? LEGOVER
Supports two boys one dates half-heartedly Patronises
Try dry fleece worn by hot, dishy type HEARTTHROB

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