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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,612 – Sep 11 2018

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Clues Answers
’21 down’, son says UTTERS
Charge round interrupting 19 LOAD
Consummate one relationship in the van __ angry words follow ARRANT
Cool in a minor way? DOWNWITHTHEKIDS
Dead embarrassed accepting hand heartless lady granted ADMITTEDLY
Destroy decrepit touring vehicle __ use this to get round instead OYSTER
Drift to one side round middle of bend TENOR
Enters carrying food, so don’t hold back! GETSTUCKIN
Fancied fish __ considered not having starter IDEATED
Following story about strike BIFF
Get outta here! One doesn’t appreciate what it costs GOINGRATE
Half of sisters like girl’s name NUALA
Held up in Gatwick __ customs are disgusting SUCK
Hinted setter’s bed contains a lot of bugs IMPLICIT
Light in the past __ dieting worked IGNITED
Mind training for novice in top celebrity run ADMINISTER
My Joe’s best friend? CORGI
Ray adopts Republican slogan MANTRA
See 3 CARD
Snap elastic getting in close for knee trembler ASPEN
So defending what the Sun produces is wicked? SATANIC
Solver gets extremely near solution for one of the above YOUNGSTER
Sticker, it’s on old dish BURRITO
Stormy on end of line __ where is the president? EISENHOWER
Sweet-talk model believing head’s gone INVEIGLE
Tea with last slice of lemon in that’s only just been made? BRANDNEW
This will cater for the rest of the passengers WAGONLIT
Very silly wearing hat to keep cool INFANTILE
Why on earth argue about old money? It may offend DIRTYWORD