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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,614 – Sep 13 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Smudge’ gets to identify an apostle FINGERMARK
All it needs is the board to engage in battle of wits CHESSSET
Being southern, suggest ‘Rubicund’ as a pop group name SIMPLYRED
Come across as ‘fair excited’ __ touching! LIGHTUPON
Come out of Met’s production __ bad form STEM
Computer input is one bit over DATA
Deal twinned with medium US city SALEM
Distinct columnar layouts, a hit on stage SEPARATE
Extinct species of the orc, mouse, bats … HOMOERECTUS
Fruit pieces: see inside MELON
High price __ necessity, perversely to secure botched DIY TIDYSUM
Kent’s transformation after mother, grandmother and daughter play MANAND
No rocker provided key’s final change MODIFY
Not about to be taken in by expert now! ATONCE
One who takes after Trotter, the western villain? HORSETHIEF
Ornamental stone tree? Yes, around about one thousand dollars! TIGERSEYE
Part of Tennessee Williams’ last ‘hip’ production: morose, electrifying Marlon initially in the lead MEMPHIS
Ruin archaeological work at artist’s festival MARDIGRAS
Sally’s custom: collecting chamber pots RIPOSTE
See 21 FROM
To belittle a musical note is ultimately futile MINIMISE
Toilet renter reported an American officer LIEUTENANT
Town of southern France one missed, being elsewhere at the time ALBI
Who gives a swinging piece of wood about Newton? DONOR
Wide path, a mere folly, that has its highs and lows WEATHERMAP
Works jammed with poles, which might need extracting TONSILS
You mustn’t leave your home in such a state UNDER