The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,616 – Sep 16 2018

Clues Answers
Badly treats girls wrapping uniform MISUSES
Betray European judge RATE
Chief ought to tumble before anything else FIRSTOFALL
Claudius prepared to eat duck and tart ACIDULOUS
Cockney in ecstasy since getting offer EASTENDER
Colours fade FLAG
Cost of swans in the river EXPENSE
Development of endless crisis with Spain EMERGENCE
Diplomacy surrounding Indian leader is understood TACIT
Disarming agent hurries to embrace Georgia TEARGAS
Earl to risk concealing condition of building EDIFICE
Engineer’s relative keeps fowl STEPHENSON
Ensure boat is ordered for resort EASTBOURNE
It’s risky to brush with vigour TOUCHANDGO
Lead otter about? That’ll be endured! TOLERATED
No-hoper with dreadful roles LOSER
Nurse enters passage that’s short TRANSIENT
Painter is special to be embraced by comrade MATISSE
Parking subsidy is spent PAID
Penny has licence to provide bromide PLATITUDE
Portia rarely bears headgear TIARA
Post shabby clothes in Israel STATION
Pupil is rather pliant LISSOME
Regrets adopting liberal laws RULES
Ridicule first person in French street JEST
Row makes society slaughter SCULL
Strike that man in church CHIME
This month every edition is set up INSTALLED
Thrash counter-revolutionary? TROUNCE
Tory leader’s fury fades after misfortunes TRAGEDIES
Traded in wood tar, initially DEALT
Wally goes through gym on the way out PASSE

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