The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,617 – Sep 17 2018

Clues Answers
1,001 computer expert tips on hand-held devices MICE
Director of volunteers managed to get into trouble TARANTINO
Do well to make 4 go into 3? Not quite THRIVE
Doctor to hug feet of each patient? It’s an idea THOUGHT
Drink that’s preferable for non-drinker to leave BEER
Fine cut of beef, finally to rescue from a stew FETCHOFF
Graphical user interface needs department’s manual GUIDE
Hard, long problem HITCH
Head of technology backs plastic-free PC monitor PREFECT
In favour of Democrat president FORD
Instrument for surveying Roman parts? GROMA
King rat races against charioteer ARTHUR
Land what takes skill! EARTH
Launches campaigns PROJECTS
Legal fellow’s 33% orange since being shaken up FORENSIC
Many stars party and kiss everybody at the end GALAXY
Muzzle tiny pup, now go shaking tails furiously GUNPOINT
Newspapers ditch leader to cover ultimate issues RESULTS
Officially purchase novel via phone BYTHEBOOK
One looking for a geranium? FORAGER
Outside cover of old magazine, nothing inside SHOE
Oversleep? I see alarm PANIC
Pasta made by a river over iron pan MACARONI
Steelyard demolished, not one to be converted again RESTYLED
Stop Dorothy holding Lion’s tail or Tin Man’s bottom DONT
Strong desire, at first, to urinate facing the other way DEEP
Tend to be troubled by depression? DENT
This planet’s evolving, not 50 years ago INTHEPAST
Travellers welcome king and queens HIKERS
Where shy women undress? HOME

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