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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,618 – Sep 18 2018

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Clues Answers
A race of tossers? PANCAKE
Avoiding alcohol, French priest to preserve by adding salt DRYCURE
Band that holds cut flowers OASIS
Best friend thus rendered incapable of dropping litter? SPAYED
Crazy picosecond of peering into people ENDOSCOPIC
Criminally assist operatic website, masking fingerprint AIDANDABET
Describe where prepared food is eaten after cooking DELINEATE
Gets value intermittently for cheated brother ESAU
He may have to fight racism, even in disguise SERVICEMAN
Henry had six weeks, not even taking four WIVES
Keep handling fruit PAWPAW
Make fewer pronouncements, being displaced STATELESS
MP, perhaps, in place of barrister? MIDDLETEMPLE
No way at first for nasty types to be executed, no date being fixed SINEDIE
Old port in the wood DEAL
Opening a manuscript, change in case we forget AMNESIACS
Permission to leave last of the porridge CON
Railwayman taking over his place in front VANGUARD
Refreshing place, Newgate Forest TEAGARDEN
Resistance to dressing for ceremonial office MAYOR
Sailor’s first thought to acquire marine weapon SIDEARM
See 12 GEE
State prosecutor found at bottom of Russian river NEVADA
Strip of paper better, say, submitted to prince informally ANDYCAPP
Tending to agree ant’s head is only half conscious ASSENTIENT
They exist in actuality and in potential ENTIA
They protect brains of women in gestation MENINGES
Tree’s strong desire to shoot up in island ALDERNEY
Uncle’s villa I let out with no extra charges ALLINCLUSIVE
Unwarranted alarm about carbon being in short supply SCARCE