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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,619 – Sep 19 2018

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Clues Answers
Bean soup, nothing less, for seconds? RUNNERSUP
Complex in Naples welcoming university in Calabria, say? PENINSULA
Dull gospeller to his familiars? MATT
Fix round vessel for cake PARKIN
Following closely, a lot on site for development NOSETOTAIL
Humourless dandy recalled getting beaten by racketeer POFACED
Illicitly, a romance being filmed ONCAMERA
Kind that’s legally able to score in the box CONSIDERATE
Lake where a bore recedes GARDA
Lift near the ground HEARTEN
Material sensed FELT
Maverick offering drinks on the house? FREE
Maybe Celtic sofa initially like a bed? SCOTTISH
Note: I appreciate that award for a city on the Bay of Bengal CHITTAGONG
Performance killing act EXECUTION
Raise your voice about staff making errors SCREWINGUP
Relationships entered into by male artist with desire to eat after smoking a joint THEMUNCHIES
Repeating time after time after time, I love breaking in ITERATION
Shoe, shocking pink, that is for a dish PUMPKINPIE
Shoot gun if really pressurised, snipers all heading northward SPRIG
Shutting up gutless egotist is immense, as lippy perhaps? COSMETIC
Soldiers one threat MENACE
Stand in river maintaining exercise, upright DEPUTISE
Star in Canis Minor goes round PINUP
Take off underclothing, finding impurities DOPANTS
Tube ending in passage alongside canary, say, in mine PIPETTE
Two months to boil down DECOCT
Under discussion, heart unit CORPS
What melts? THAW