The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,620 – Sep 20 2018

Clues Answers
Balloonist, say, in bar with tipsy aunt AERONAUT
Blunder into setter’s jolly MERRY
Boozer allowed yard plugs? PUBLICITY
Boss finding return of whistle-blower something tiresome GAFFER
Boxer might take this drink, sitting next to bar COUNTERPUNCH
Calm after suffering a terrible bump IMPERTURBABLE
Cooler sounding Scot in musical mode PHRYGIAN
Drink with setter __ a depressing experience SUNDOWNER
Drinks with English guy TEASE
Driver reversed right over cat? It’s messy MOTORIST
Female, old, with bad back OLIVE
Final authority is Mum? SAYSO
Japanese screen shop Jim closed early SHOJI
Joel’s peers are surprised he imports porn MINORPROPHETS
Minister initially supporting Tory party member’s cover-up? CONDOM
Nostalgic setter’s one into wine HOMESICK
Old Morris sales rep? TRAVELLER
Pale flame around national emblem MAPLELEAF
Recommending power gets put into a small boat ADVISORY
Remain a year in county, returning after time away STAYON
Remove gathering in part of collar with a low neckline DECOLLETE
Rough area in bay, perhaps HOARSE
Say The Lion King’s last century acting, in part BIGCAT
Small map of Spain in this month’s brief INSET
Spot crown jewels kings have left for display SPECTACLE
The first cold before March is over in permanently cold area ICECAP
Traps fish in cold drink GINSLING
Very small margin showing musical’s range HAIRSBREADTH

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