The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,622 – Sep 23 2018

Clues Answers
… nervous energy, after 10s TENSE
Aerated bath in Don’s place SPAIN
Announced spaces for loading coarse cloth BAIZE
Caretaker’s start-of-year rise JANITOR
Carry away proceeds of robbery HAUL
Curse as front breaks off explosive HELL
Destruction is wonderful SMASHING
Energy of son, 11 … STEAM
Go down its plughole? SINK
Hacking, will fear this security measure? FIREWALL
Hamper such a hopeless case BASKET
Heartless superstar gets speed CELERITY
In grandfather’s case, a regular swinger PENDULUM
In the cold, shake and shatter SHIVER
Kid almost a yob? Relax CHILLOUT
Lampoon Saint Christopher SKIT
No light opinion formed by the critical ADIMVIEW
No spinners coming up? Absolutely right SPOTON
Party? Try to have one BASH
Pawnbroker’s wife? AUNT
Put a sock in it SHOE
Revile dad horribly, being a reckless type DAREDEVIL
Seeing poorly, get glasses finally for book GENESIS
Shape of playing field a mess RECTANGLE
Spell of delight CHARM
States waistcoat is small, in check VEST
Takes responsibility for rubbish users hold SHOULDERS
The last to get such a spoon WOODEN
Top copper? REDHEAD
Where fashion advice appears popular INVOGUE

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