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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,623 – Sep 24 2018

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Clues Answers
7 academics and students cross UNIX
Android perhaps showing how things are done in theatre? OPERATINGSYSTEM
Artist, prig at heart, secures collector’s items RARITIES
Bubble that irritates second-rate movie star? BLISTER
Children paired for walking races feigned distress CROCODILETEARS
Clouds over rescue vessel impeding retreats DARKENS
Considering the odds, trust your coach TUTOR
Cruelty always preceding sex, in skivvy’s case SEVERITY
Deal with vexed solicitor on the phone SORTOUT
Flyer’s attempt to cross river BIRD
Going under gangster’s arm, it’ll raise the temperature IMMERSIONHEATER
Good clear network GRID
Journalist re-stocked it, ordering pens EDITOR
Like to strip off when retiring or having a snooze ASLEEP
Man from our sphere transformed? SUPERHERO
One particular service a strain for Anglicans AIRFORCE
Prophet taking his son back is looking older AGES
Red sky is beginning to turn with brisk pace to the north TROTSKYIST
Shock as pioneering PM ditches Queen THATCH
Space needed in Slough after Mothers’ Union expanded MUSHROOMED
String of cars transported Democrat round Ohio, principally MOTORCADE
Suspicious sailor retraced Cuban’s steps RUMBA
Those left without uniform to hang out RESIDE
Trader moving comparatively freely round island SUPPLIER
Useful headgear, they say, for a horse race HANDICAP
Virgin placed in lower recessed tomb, historically PYRAMID
What travels within France’s country tracks? PATHWAYS
When nothing went right __ nothing! __ he’d often say so, angrily Oneofthosedays