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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,624 – Sep 25 2018

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Clues Answers
A magistrate disrobed after firstly cursing, out of hearing ACOUSTIC
Airily attacked Trump’s revolutionary deeds on regular basis STRAFED
Awfully shy friend stopping Bob vacillating SHILLYSHALLYING
Communist cobblers in extremely tremulous state TROTSKY
Development of gallstone gutted Victoria, for one GESTATION
Exit half-cut Finn with scarlet jumper upside down FIREDOOR
Get ready, while attracting lots of viewers PRIMETIME
Hairy humanoid oddly ignoring my meat pie YETI
Helping discontented barista around coffee counter ABETTAL
Leader of Greece pricking Europe’s uneasy conscience SUPEREGO
Mum returns quietly after month in Split DECAMP
Nervous sibling consumes pot, mostly, and heroin SKITTISH
Old fellows always lacking manners? Rubbish! OFFAL
Over 100 Lilliputians sadly accepting love is mirage? OPTICALILLUSION
Pilgrimage of posh bloke ends in Andhra Pradesh UMRAH
Pretend one’s cool, entering declining years IMAGINE
Put up with some alterations to machines STOMACH
Quite attractive guards finally stop all disruptive conduct COMPLETELY
Raving angrily? It’s cause of hoarseness LARYNGITIS
Refuse to be buried LANDFILL
Short, slight Arab surrounded by water INSULAR
Stellar couples sign book in advance BINARIES
Summons male to move sinuously WRITHE
Thin umpire in bit of sunshine RAREFY
Time to abandon cabs for Central line AXIS
Using speech of Sadiq Khan, say, to oust PM ORAL
Violet’s neighbour doing somersaults round island INDIGO
Women going into loft backwards to make deliveries BOWL