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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,625 – Sep 26 2018

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Clues Answers
A pair of mice cavorting? Not love at first sight! PRIMA
An EU precursor lavishes love stories ANECDOTES
Australian half-rewritten scripture SUTRA
Beauty treatment of French origin (Calais, possibly) FACIALS
Choose the Guardian’s first game in case of brief visits WHISTLESTOPTOUR
City’s to be conquered in the end LASTOFALL
Cutting the roast at first with charm TRENCHANT
Eccentric kind of rough hustle CONFIDENCETRICK
Educated and beautiful, finally made some money LEARNED
Ezra Pound’s heart battered and blue AZURE
Fall for an item of linen hotel included AVALANCHE
Fresh approach covering the ultimate in cookery books APOCRYPHA
Gone ahead, accepting a terrible year with one thing on top of another LAYERED
Gratefully received royalty payments TAKINGS
In a way that’s recurring decimal? OFTEN
In the pipeline, the tons of crude oil initially imported by Arab country being curtailed YETTOCOME
Let everyone outstanding be audibly spoken ALLOWED
More calls from the world and his wife ALLCOMERS
One rescued by flying horseman surrounded by African dromedaries ANDROMEDA
Paced like men of York? WALKEDUPANDDOWN
Pedant from start to finish on position by compilers FUSSPOT
Red ground edgy but even RUDDY
See 10 FACIE
Sexy amateur role essentially gets praise EXTOL
Somewhat emotionally upset, it’s plain LLANO
Upsetting oath about vessel in unenlightened time DARKAGE
Virtue good … then to relish a version of the Arabian Nights SINBADTHESAILOR
What you might need, when at first you spot wasp in apartment FLYSWAT