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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,626 – Sep 27 2018

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Clues Answers
American bar with players __ tense meeting at the end ABUTMENT
American player, Tom, to progress smoothly CRUISE
Beautiful perfume and diamonds both reduced SCENIC
Club close to tee on hole NIGHTSPOT
Clubs turned on men __ is private part for woman? CLITORIS
Converts pounds and euros to cut taxes CHALLENGES
Couples playing golf? Female left FRED
Golf? Managed two days with terribly sad old men GRANDDADS
Ian Poulter upset about an outburst ERUPTIONAL
In Baltimore a player makes cut REAP
It spices up Ryder Cup: row turns nasty CURRY
John Daly finally has something to fear BOGY
Land ball at the back, stand to welcome American BELARUS
Left nets caught up EXCITED
Lounge and look at sport, turned over to follow golf score PARLOUR
Off tee, Norman gets distance NANOMETRE
Opposition regularly says ‘guys’: unknown Yankee interrupts SYZYGY
Pack up trophies in retirement STOP
Place to rest? SETTEE
Plant fruit trees here? One for middle of park ORCHID
Rest to enter competition to make big bucks CLEANUP
Right, take in lead on second shot? REATTEMPT
Rory McIlroy nearly up a shot __ like either of two that make green? PRIMARY
Rough grassland: side which might go on greens? SALADDRESSING
Tiger gutted over short 19 5 round: something on fairway? TROLLEY
Tungsten and lead club WEDGE
Warning shouts at the first from Tiger Woods FOREST