The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,632 – Oct 4 2018

Clues Answers
Area regularly cleared, bordering Asian country ROMANIA
Audible, quiet man PIECE
Briefly, nation of bandits starts turning over European city BOLOGNA
Engineers admitting everyone in China destined never to meet PARALLEL
Extra money gained __ it’s not there for teacher PROF
Gutless benefactor, one criticising Nobel, by the sound of it! DOOR
Happy getting rich, transferred from a central bank? UPLOADED
Happy parasite was ahead of salmon TICKLED
Having stopped short, continue climbing to rescue old cat MOUSER
Land, safe ground for one shelled on the beach? SAND
Medicinal plant __ someone taking heart from therapy, did you say? ARNICA
Pattern of Scots crossing cold lake PLACID
Probing farm animal, point injected into swine with a sharp instrument COPINGSAW
Puzzling arrangement with sheep leaving, heading north around hot country GHANA
See 13 GREEN
See 15 FLEA
See 17 UPFOR
See 17 across THEBOOKS
See 25 PINK
See 4 KNOW
Solver always ignorant, perhaps YOUNEVER
Some alligator fed fish ORFE
Surprise to arrive at a literary festival? (4-2,3,3,5) TURN
Tender resignation finally, sure to be sacked NURSE
Unknown element with carbon in mineral ZIRCON
Uplifting painting of chief about right for artist’s work PORTFOLIO
Upset kid to deal with US president GARFIELD
With sailor’s termination, pine perhaps about death for colourful character on board? REVEREND
Writers given non-alcoholic drink after a port in Florida PENSACOLA

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