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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,642 – Oct 16 2018

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Clues Answers
A kiss lifts me in Paris, as a rule AXIOM
Act superficially, ordering makeshift cures SKIMTHESURFACE
Assessed situation of a Hobbit clan TOOKSTOCK
Bay where it all comes out? THEWASH
Dispose of foolish nonsense in contrasting volumes POLISHOFF
Everything carried round is smashed TOTALLED
Fail badly with a Japanese verse TANKA
Groundbreaker I used in wharf PIONEER
Hurried up a stay in bed, worried for the NHS etc WELFARESTATE
Last piece of music recorded twice by a UN secretary-general? OUTRO
Letters from secretary, a Chinese native PANDA
Messenger’s spoken, having lesson in two parts BARER
Not many voters out in storm: it could ruin the night LIGHTPOLLUTION
One attending Macbeth in poorer age made to suffer OPERAGOER
Over time, sailor gets trim TOSPARE
Power couple return to America as sex symbol PRIAPUS
Produce more veg than what pokes out of the ground OUTCROP
Regularly tempt to cut garment lower DEPRESS
Repossessed house and office LOSTPROPERTY
Satisfy a companion to S. Beauty? SLAKE
Sentimental actor in summertime is captivated by rambling rose SOBSISTER
Shoot dead, holding automatic at first in both hands LATERAL
That elementary particle finally revealing signature in air THEMESONG
Think tooth __ it chewed COGITATE
TV station securing opera about to broadcast RADIATE
Unmarked fruit kept in college is pulled out ELONGATED
Worked in bathroom perhaps __ it’s over light TILED
Working month taken up with fertiliser GUANO