The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,646 – Oct 21 2018

Clues Answers
Arachne interrupts randy, riotous railway workers YARDMEN
Arguing violently about a drug, drops measuring equipment RAINGAUGE
Articulate letters from unfaithful lover initially bringing comfort EASEFUL
Bernie shortly hosting function in Atlantic City SANTANDER
Censure Conservative Party over end of compassion CONDEMN
Considered emus edible, in part MUSED
Crafty type taking money from supporter ARTISAN
Defender of England, not Europe? Get stuffed! GORGE
Earnest and oddly sweary notes from short people SERIOUS
Educated workers with books about leftist TUTORED
Epic poet, big hit in America HOMER
Eric heartily cross after relative loses last big race GRANDPRIX
Farmhand and pig on edges of Exmoor SOWER
Gather together in the morning, when heading to school AMASS
Good people conserving energy, following cruel benefits assessment MEANSTEST
Great scholar of arithmetic is retiring ERASMUS
Gutless gangster mugs shoppers GRASSES
Half of banana spread over corset of escort, perhaps ANAGRAM
Internal examination of huge parrot after death ENDOSCOPY
It’s only just light and RAF is on manoeuvres FAIRSFAIR
Member of crowd texts Mrs May after banks fail EXTRA
Moderates finally dragged Italy back towards the centre INWARDS
Nietzsche reticently welcoming dissident HERETIC
Nothing stops ardent romance AFFAIRE
Proposition from Mike after love-filled word of comfort THEOREM
Rubens did work for free DISBURDEN
Slightly wet, Maureen is figure on the left MOISTEN
South American dictionary describing unknown dog SAMOYED
Stigmas and timeless indignity attached to homelessness, ultimately SAFFRON
Superior pork pie and case of Grenache LIEGE
Ways of life further south MORES
Wrongly say I exult in carnal desires SEXUALITY

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