The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,647 – Oct 22 2018

Clues Answers
Almost understand oddly clued ‘shut off’ SECLUDE
Animal research facility about to introduce a tedious course BRUTAL
Art venue includes sex experience TASTE
Artist lacks yen, in a way, for a joint HOCK
Barbarian lifting a thin plate of bone ANIMAL
Booted a bit of the pitch over the top of Hillsborough SHOD
Circle left to access champ hit badly about the eye OPHTHALMIC
Dance nut BALL
Easily removable WC with false nuts round tip of base LOOSELEAF
Final section of joint unfinished choral works ROACH
Fixed dot, so company could not be moved STOODFIRM
Game to sleep with nothing on next to Trotsky? NAPOLEON
Getting on Circle line with a large number OLD
Heating and lighting, say, above school’s entrance OVERHEADS
Hide bordering lake (you’ll prosper in it) CLOVER
Jack gets United to take on son Tom? JONES
Lightweight worker in goods packing? BOXER
Little pig’s snitch SQUEALER
Means of defence gets hot with top off ARMS
Mechanical orbit circling round and around ROBOTIC
Miles is after bear symbol TOTEM
Natural lining material wrapped round end of the contents of basket MOSES
Newscaster keeps neutral in broadcast SNOW
Old coin container in Pennsylvania high spot ANNAPURNA
Performing flea meets obstruction (a bit of foliage) LEAFLET
Ruby’s shielded by firm belief CREDO
Sheep hiding in ground cover, an airman’s lifesaver MAEWEST
Spa where males are heard to gain weight BUXTON
Stick around with Gold, an American student MAJOR
Sydney, if tarted up to present a trivial, cosy image to tourists DISNEYFY
Till first sign of five in the morning about right? FARM
Wait, or do shifts as a broadcaster RADIOTWO
Yes, regatta activated sedentary duck EASYTARGET

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