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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,648 – Oct 23 2018

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Clues Answers
Agent wants Alli to attract crowd at match DELEGATE
Aztec leader being deposed sadly with soldiers entering — led by me? CORTEZ
Bad person, no saint, that may offer something for the writer INKPOT
Being fanciful about mountain climbing’s code of ethics? FAIR
Fractions? That’ll finish classes off! THIRDS
Give sign of respect, having received shocking treatment BESTOW
Go wrong in atria, wrong environments for plants TERRARIA
Gone after final wish for something that’s far too expensive RIPOFF
Hesitating to oust leader, admitting even Boris ultimately not seen as popular? UBIQUITOUS
Life of religious minister English Society’s elevated ESPRIT
Little stories about Beckham’s innermost character in magazines WEEKLIES
Looked disgusted, given ghastly publicity about church GRIMACED
Lord half-cut in tartan? Maybe he can’t grow up KIDULT
No promises to be broken? It sounds the wrong way round SPOONERISM
One American going up in plane, a man of habit JESUIT
Pasquale boring? Aged brainy bits! MEDULLAE
Philosopher recalled memory of top people MORALIST
Pledge from left-winger falling short over time COMMIT
Respond to demand of traffic cop in jumper PULL
See 2 PLAY
See 24 OVER
Severe critic to have fresh go at racist CASTIGATOR
Something a bit hairy about community we’re leaving? Get better informed! WISEUP
Songbird not weak at heart growing bigger WAXING
Story about journalist on top of the world ELATED
Style one noticed in remuner­ation? Cash now only in £50 notes PAPERMONEY
Supporting medieval buildings permanently FORKEEPS
Trophy item that could be unobtrusive, but possibly not needed SOUVENIR