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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,650 – Oct 25 2018

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Clues Answers
… right? Border being set up is rubbish DEBRIS
Advocates publishing this, providing a surprising result UPSET
Artist having refreshing drink __ it’s bitter CHAGALL
Bamboozled Irish politicians (one caught napping?) (4,2,4,1,6) DONEUP
Britain’s self-inflicted error __ review of Brussels way of talking … BROGUE
Corporation’s rejected material unsuitable for Auntie? SMUT
Could be a rise __ ta, God … or words to that effect DEOGRATIAS
Deck guy who’s cheating? CARDSHARP
Do without leader becoming pretentious ARTY
Drunken Glaswegian possibly caught out SOTTISH
Enthusiastic but not sure about time EAGER
Extremely poor way to determine allergy? SKINTEST
Fellows with money invested the best CHAMPS
Female criminal unmarked FLAWLESS
Finished by topping aristocrats UPPERCRUST
Freed after treatment put back DEFER
Hard to believe that’s it __ look round South American city TALLAHASSEE
Make heavy demands on current vehicle TAXI
Practice of few on Twitter WONT
Private parts Republican’s grabbed? They’ll make an examination TESTERS
Queen stops duke with Chinese delegation’s leader becoming personal FIRSTHAND
Said what Thatcher finally became __ no issue with it BARRENNESS
Settled without police action DECIDED
Solve and rate cryptic (they cater for different levels) ELEVATORS
Theatre worker getting axe __ new cast sure to follow SCRUBNURSE
Top celebrities tooled up? One worries unduly ALARMIST
Treat once penniless child __ no fortune involved but it will cover the essentials LOINCLOTH
Tree surgeon’s last journey across road NGAIO
Women like young men __ dealt harshly with what I do when rampant LADETTES