The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,652 – Oct 29 2018

Clues Answers
A British division raised by the Romans HADRIANSWALL
A lordly brew? EARLGREY
A misfortune in constricted part of car TAILLIGHT
Announce I own a place for spiritual retreats IONA
Does one deserve a lighter sentence? ARSONIST
Each in sequence for drink dispenser TEAURN
Fail in court recess CLOSET
Fashionable people get new mattress SMARTSET
Friendly hint INTIMATE
Invoice of a sort for working poor farm PROFORMA
Knowing, for example, about two volumes SAVVY
Lose concentration, so stop watching TV SWITCHOFF
Not concede one has to store spare bed linen KEEPACLEANSHEET
Only interact corruptly? No way CERTAINLYNOT
Part of the Union in a right state ARKANSAS
Party getting together, not rebelling CONFORMING
Pipe up RISER
Previously, but never again? LASTTIME
Protecting goalie’s job SAVING
Reporting for work JOURNALISM
Some advise minister in the House SEMI
Strict, requiring name on pointer NARROW
To sleep, say, on bed, one may lie on one’s back KNAPSACK
Traffic lights always red? Not possible NOGO
Trendy humorist has success WITHIT
Using a little plunger, take a breather LUNG
Wife, the most beautiful girl in America? MISSUS

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