The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,653 – Oct 30 2018

Clues Answers
‘Magician’ Messi evades Ronaldo’s lunges in netting headers MERLIN
Adult leaves country with longing HUNGRY
American lorry emptied after fuel spill in practical way USEFULLY
Bird goes wild protecting egg GOOSE
Caught taking back Silver, our cat COUGAR
Cheat bridge partners, each with king SNEAK
Cocaine found in tea, right? It’s not true CHARLIE
Come in, I’m travelling both ways with great excitement IMMIGRATE
Cor! Parent in the making? PROCREANT
Craft beers __ how? Add a bit of malt HOMEBREWS
Favourite jumper TOP
Fellow left to turn into female monster WOLFMAN
Fools subdue good man with taunts JESTERS
Fruit prepared over cooker ORANGE
Huit cargo? FREIGHT
I see handle turned by superhero ICEMAN
In general, small clothes OVERALLS
Isn’t busy good queen bee? STINGER
Martin and James, as heads of school? DEANS
Maverick provides show? False DISPROVE
Multiplied total? Sounds horrible GRUESOME
Politician enters No 10 with special European charge IMPOSE
Privet trimmed unusually as a snake VIPER
Profitable spring’s exhausted WELLSPENT
Roman Catholic’s revolted by online sins and splits CREVICES
Sea creature Spooner has around 4? OARFISH
Students, upset by low grade, now rioting at the end of the day SUNDOWN
Stuttering woe produced by this? TONGUETWISTER
US mammal managed to inhale cold carbon dioxide? RACCOON
Vegetable producer BROCCOLI
Weapon £1,000? Nice one! GUN

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