The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,654 – Oct 31 2018

Clues Answers
Cricketer in female underwear SLIP
Cut tatting speed? LACERATE
Deepest part of script in story likely to crumble FRIABLE
Drink carrier PORTER
Foreign students having secured top grade, time for cheers ELEVATES
Furniture item solver suggested? SETTEE
Girl riding without support ASTRID
Gloria Gaynor’s first and last gig? SWAN
Individual opening individual correspondence PARITY
Knickers ultimately abandoned, sounds about right — for this? NOOKIE
Music in middle of performance, played at centre ENTRACTE
Pass over waste container SKIP
Penning notes on passing back, handyman defender ANTIBODY
Problem with smalls filling up well HASSLE
Prowler, male part on parade, initially PANTHER
Publisher taking initiative originally in shooting writer? PENGUIN
Revealing backside reportedly, kiss partner first? TELLTALE
See 24 across SONG
Server you rolled up, on which a source of milk and bread TEATROLLEY
Standard for Morgan perhaps, happy fellow JOLLYROGER
That’s one place to go, briefly IDEST
Tie spoon on last NECKWEAR
Together in print and embossed INTANDEM
Touring Berlin, take nipper ANKLEBITER
Treat Peter to a Trial by Jury, say? OPERETTA
Useless dad not taken seriously at first PANTS
Whip under the nether regions, as virago HELLCAT
Wind far, all wrapped up in swelling burst of energy SOLARFLARE

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