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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,655 – Nov 1 2018

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Clues Answers
A batter collecting runs, cricketer Warner ALARMBELL
Arms raised and leg bent to get comfy? SNUGGLE
Clothing medic top and bottom in scrubs? DRESSES
Corny stuff in act Sir Galahad served up GRIST
Current Hair cast member ACTRESS
Dog bitten by dog and bone gets fatigue LASSITUDE
Dog, having cocked up leg in street, keeps quiet ENGLISHSETTER
Famous day school? On the contrary NOTED
Fleet Street’s original old man about to do wrong and injure a lawyer SPANISHARMADA
Give fake news to schoolgirl, say? MISINFORM
Goes round topless, then matures EVOLVES
Good porridge rejected, if US version GRITS
Illness caused by bug __ one given various names by the French GERMANMEASLES
Inconvenience of one new wee chair? INCOMMODE
Infecting one’s leg with iodine __ and, sadly, no GP around POISONING
Lobby against sporting blue ties VESTIBULE
Meets regularly in wooded valley estate DEMESNE
Mischief-maker follows a game live ANIMATE
One dressed in black: flipping stoned mourner? NIOBE
One reportedly made secure investment choice? UNITTRUST
Pressgate? CROWD
Related couple dance round in church COGNATE
Sorry, I can’t help you up on horse first DUNNO
Sweet bread hot around Luxembourg STOLLEN
Top part of grid in empty column CROWN
Type of dressing essential for burn SINGE
Where rest of ham never returned during wedding party? GREENROOM
Wife, not daughter, has arranged a discount, going round sales with lowered prices DUTCHAUCTIONS