The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,658 – Nov 5 2018

Clues Answers
Body of king found in thicket CORPSE
Case husband found in market SHELL
Clothing society suffering legal action SHELLSUIT
Dainty and, to some extent, self-indulgent ELFIN
Display prominently that parking is included in rent SPLASH
End to child’s toy of the highest quality TIPTOP
Father rejected mate, causing outrage APPAL
Fix a piece of furniture SETTLE
German captured by profligate scoundrel ROGUE
Go the French way LEAVE
Insane preparation of pigment SIENNA
John worked for Frank CANDID
Lady dines out? That’s unforgivable! DEADLYSIN
Lambast Tory leader over odd outburst TANTRUM
Man called after causing accident PRANG
Mark with permitted colour SCARLET
Member of crew in Spain gave permission ELEMENT
Northerner has scruples crossing the river SCOUSER
Noticing alumnus’s help OBSERVANT
Orderly has model eating fruit SHIPSHAPE
Place review in hand PLAUDIT
Player satisfies in return for respect ESTEEM
Pressure on clergyman hurt in triumph PREVAIL
Quietly polish ring PHONE
Ring band touring El Salvador RESOUND
Robbers used to predict the future TEALEAVES
Saviour does without offal DELIVERER
Shows off? Rep can change direction! PRANCES
Starts to look at tracks through the country LATVIA
Traveller catches cold? That’s funny! FARCE
Typically, Nero gave a translation ONAVERAGE
Winger gives angry account CROSSBILL

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