The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,659 – Nov 6 2018

Clues Answers
A number of us do clubs __ Kylie with short hot pants (1,6,2,2,5) ISHOULD
Apple computer over time to retain power for crash IMPACT
Born and died as Miss NEED
Broads here and not guys NORFOLK
Case of Julia ignoring odd parts after film ETUI
Chaos: girl dancing for rich businessmen OLIGARCHS
Charge from sex channel, turned over first DEBIT
Clean and polish stone HONEST
Complaint with space for writer IBSEN
Drink up: right animal REEBOK
Encouraging singer after critical review? BOOSTING
Geek to go on date with bachelor DWEEB
Get along? Take home to cheat MAKEDO
Get down, get up UNDERSTAND
Home and lay to rest with single men INTERIOR
Horse went round circuit ROAN
Large American volume by don that is unable to write ILLITERATE
Mad relatives start to see cause for embarrassment? They’re out of hand BANANASKINS
Making ineffective players score CASTRATING
Olympian on drug for sport TABLETENNIS
One pushing 60 is gutted outside treatment room SURGERY
Puzzle not filled in and cryptic, having small squares PANED
Scraps while group is playing inside ABANDONS
See 1 across BESOLUCKY
Snow? Unusually answered with hesitation NEWSREADER
Song is simple: sing parts BARCAROLE
Sweet thing in bar CAKE
Take out daughter __ endless party is extremely sleazy SEEDIEST
Tiger seen roaming the plain SERENGETI
Writes book splitting section with prayers SCRIBES

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