The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,660 – Nov 7 2018

Clues Answers
23 7, would you say? BANK
A social shame ABASH
Basically bitter wind up for worker outdoors RANGER
Board getting the nod in Strasbourg __ and further east? OUIJA
Colonist possibly into homely tropical food PLANTAIN
Dance tour TRIP
English novelist fighting to be heard? WAUGH
Entertainment drawn from a game a lot, performance of redcoat welcomed ANIMATEDCARTOON
Exchanges full of invective, primarily? TIRADES
Factory where fishwife feeds birds STEELWORKS
Filthy wet hole turns dry when raked back CESSPIT
Force party to bind over leaders in criminal investigation COERCION
Fruit: a few squashes shattered crate NECTARINE
Get out snooker equipment shortly, then what’s on it? RESCUE
I create when intoxicated, penning very obscure stuff ESOTERICA
Independent type left a note in the past LONER
Keen to get type of melon in freezer CRYOGEN
Major route in shreds, moved away MIGRATED
Marked danger branding a horse ASTERISKED
Notorious wolf introduced to flock, any ewes terrified! KANYEWEST
Recollection of island monster gripping a nation CROATIA
Sensing money, belt out to secure it SCENTING
Somewhat head over heels, supermodels go doolally for a slipper DOGSLED
South American relations divided county SUSSEX
Spirit of the Far East seen ordering __ this? CHINESETAKEAWAY
Statesman’s charity rolling in money once FLORIDIAN
Windy US soldier dropping trousers TURGID

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