The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,661 – Nov 8 2018

Clues Answers
A Liberal breaks rule to switch allegiance REALIGN
Avant-garde clothes taken from excited guy EDGY
Concerned with the cloth of skirt tailor retails MINISTERIAL
Coordinated what soldiers did Joinedup
Cryptic entertains, displaying groups of letters TENANTRIES
Depression case from Kansas is trouble for the doctor DALEKS
Dumplings not on, Edward’s usual WONTED
French way to back bad actor, a union player? EUROCRAT
Gangster to take drugs, holding nothing back HOOD
It could be true, mind shows undeveloped part RUDIMENT
Killed duelling, criminal’s put on outfit oddly GUILLOTINED
Local rep may offer this pre-lunch drink AMDRAM
Many a tender dog with sincere barking (in all across solutions here) CURRENCIES
Most of city girl’s old song MADRIGAL
Pen note about poet IMPOUND
Poet’s penning mock archaic article showing women on top DOYENNES
Respected papers covering party spreading lies IDOLISED
Ring road, one not for pedestrian ORDINARY
Spell a word TERM
State capital built up last STPAUL
Stock complaint from canonised cricket commentator? STAGGERS
Stripping off, never mind getting a measuring device ETALON
Two British monarchs hosting posh nobility GRANDEUR
Two lots of the writer’s books at hand IMMINENT
Victor snubbed in party dance REEL
Virtuoso matador holds animals’ bodies SOMATA

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