The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,662 – Nov 9 2018

Clues Answers
… hypocritical extramarital introduction there? (2,3,4,3,6) MRPOTMEET
A blast from the past, old sanctions supporting Dutch in Australia odzooks
Being sluggish getting into part repeatedly reduced great actor’s status STARDOM
Church divides pasty supper, maybe using salami tactics PIECEMEAL
Clean a drum up finally __ then set about to beat it SHAMPOO
Corruptly claim this set restriction on finances CASHLIMIT
Gins stocked up by business partner ENTRAPS
He, locked in by me, capitally does the job in kitchen … CHEFS
Is no longer sexy, taking pee in cleansing vessel WASHPOT
Labour election flyer? REDPOLL
Make up for first of indiscretions admitted by old head EXPIATE
Might one deliver a kick to stop bishop surfing? SCOTCHBONNET
Normal broadcasting of cricket scores TWENTYTWENTY
Notice chap at wedding making escape SEEPAGE
One’s got out a stick to prod the First Lady EVACUEE
Quattro Formaggio and Hawaiian one cuts into squares? PIAZZAS
RAF retiree’s one moving, heroic deed EXPLOIT
Rather large women slicing tidy piece of cake! NOSWEAT
Reformed Cream harbouring old, old anger about Tom Jones? OPERACOMIQUE
Seeing a great deal SIGHT
Still life’s second item replaced by painting group QUARTET
Sugar hit cut in size GLUCOSE
Supply aged men when one seeks a mate ENDGAME
Takes over game on green BOWLS
Thaw’s apparently started being too fond of a drink THEIC
What does one get when one crosses an angry jackal with an eccentric mouse __ 7? AMUSICALJOKE
Wrap with some lamb sandwiches SWADDLE

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