The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,664 – Nov 12 2018

Clues Answers
A large majority? Not quite ALMOST
Banshee terrified failing man HASBEEN
Chap’s first to enter minister’s home MANSE
Circus artiste’s value is tumbling ACROBAT
Drama one never sees performed RADIOPLAY
Drive back to dance round piano REPEL
Feature of river no end odd WEIR
Film director, finally failing, took place in the ranks FELLIN
Film or plays, right? TOYSTORY
Find a match here? This can flame up quickly TINDER
Given this freedom, name optician at random EMANCIPATION
Glad beer is brewed by the Danube BELGRADE
Hymn is horrible __ cancel it CANTICLE
Letters on keyboard can be low DEPRESSED
Like some wine? It’s no end crude! BRUT
Maybe there’s still life in what they do ARTISTS
New coins, one’s obsession NEUROSIS
Not feeling well, with no more anagrams to do? OUTOFSORTS
One now weak, having given out on behalf of church SPENTFORCE
Ordering heralds back to military town ALDERSHOT
Routine hard for girl RUTH
Rush of crowd needs some calmness urgently SURGE
Second vegetable, like a tomato, taken on fork SPEARED
Settle area, wild land REALESTATE
Space for one’s elbow? ROOM
Specimen, small, more than enough SAMPLE
Tree that’s between poplar and chestnut LARCH
Turn one’s back on the roast second time round? COLDSHOULDER
Wee darling? SWEETHEART
Win gold: I follow SUCCESSOR

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