The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,665 – Nov 13 2018

Clues Answers
A sort of light street dress STROBE
A startled demon AFRIT
Abroad With Nick, which didn’t make the final edit OUTTAKE
Alloy not encountered in a female, commonly GUNMETAL
Any riots in Kabul’s new Soviet prison? LUBYANKA
Attendant lacks temperature guide COURIER
Bird Ridge, at this point, is on left BROWNOWL
Dot’s satisfied, getting back a lot of money FULL
Fool does a turn in Fame — this list should explain GLOSSARY
Gang leader doing notorious Jack’s work (riveting) GRIPPING
Good time to cut failed parachute’s rubbery substance GUTTA
Heat of battle over short period of time WARMTH
Lovely to keep a gun as a trinket BAGATELLE
Old fellow welcomes backing in new scheme CONNIVE
Old king imprisons spouse, head to foot, in small compartment CUBBYHOLE
Puffed out, naff outburst during session BOUFFANT
Quiet leader of India versus a destructive lord SHIVA
Raise aloft makeshift nosebag to the Scottish air SKYE
See 16 across PERCHA
See 17 across LOVE
See 17 across WITH
See 22 STOP
See 6 BOAT
See 6 SONG
Sound measure FATHOM
Source of nut production FOUNT
Standing figure guarding king STATURE
Track suit top, strapped SPOOR
Watch parts (energy in the winding) on which hours might be recorded WORKSHEET
Which could make Bruno have passionate feelings BURN

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