The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,666 – Nov 14 2018

Clues Answers
A little drink for each little child NIPPER
A number err, backsliding in church, put on a holy pedestal? CANONISE
An expert entertained in large country house made merry HADABALL
Baddie offering liquid drug on street STINKPOT
Black liquid, supplied by Native American, old drunk swallowed CREOSOTE
Business arrangement that’s dealt with by letter TENANCY
Cake having a piece of wood? Food sent back BATTENBURG
Careless soldiers fail to hit target REMISS
Defect sees bishop giving way to strong language FLEMISH
Doubling of development not right GEMINATION
Drug must hurt terribly __ hesitation involved TRUTHSERUM
Fabric items, manufactured stuff for Germany MACRAME
Guy not allowed richly seasoned food RAGOUT
Hard course set up needing everyone to finish book WOLF
Hold back stalwart STAUNCH
In America, unfairly, Hillary’s No 1 female monster CHIMAERA
Loose woman cut short by wife in Essex town HARLOW
My group getting back support? CORSET
Not exactly precipitate, is husband rude? CHURLISH
Objection when second person gets involved in business deal BUYOUT
Premier receiving taunt (‘dull’!) is following course of what’s possible PRAGMATISM
RIP in place, erected when member is buried TEARUP
Rodent with ‘orrible smell climbing fruit plant MUSQUASH
See 10 HOUR
See 2 HALL
Stone container holding food knocked over JAGGER
Time of semi-revolution HALF
Turn up for palmist set up in seat specially SUPINATE

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