The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,670 – Nov 19 2018

Clues Answers
Anthea’s contributions to magazine? ARTICLES
Award for recycled bronze pile NOBELPRIZE
Bad-tembered taxi driver crossing river CRABBY
Bottom of target BUTT
Brother visiting mafiosi’s final resting place is paid illegally BRIBED
Carton containing large piece of fabric PLACKET
Clapped-out public transport’s on time! BUST
Controversial killing of animal possessing unusual source of divine grace BADGERCULL
Cook given SAE for picture ENVISAGE
Discontinue concession over time STOP
Expression of surprise about a project for an airport HEATHROW
French department covered by precise regulations ISERE
Head of Sheffield Wednesday is meeting Hillsborough’s first Scandinavian SWEDISH
Hidden river flowing north around docks ECLIPSED
I sneered rudely seeing sea nymphs NEREIDES
Leading setter’s swapped seed for mathematician ARCHIMEDES
New undergarment is hot! STOLEN
Old courts using Anglo-Saxon measurements ASSIZES
Part of stick CLEAVE
Piece that is for someone new to the job ROOKIE
Priest is stopping money as act of vengeance REPRISAL
Rugby player runs into old man PROP
Sail around shores of neglected land mass ISLAND
Striking effect of exotic lace on hem of petticoat ECLAT
Supporter of dictator hiding dresses in vacant toilet TSARIST
Waste product generated by people tucking into bad diets SEDIMENT
Where cops may sit for a game of cards BLACKMARIA
Wise man protecting new boat from malicious damage SABOTAGE

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