The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,671 – Nov 20 2018

Clues Answers
A guitar in care of a singer, formerly CASTRATO
Act with choir performing about half of Maya lacking colour ACHROMATIC
Acted with restraint in drama externally controlled by journalist UNDERPLAYED
Beer all drunk around lunchtime? That’s predictable RELIABLE
Best get 13 flowing? Best for old Man U fans, perhaps GREATEST
Bottom part of tree contains third of bark BREECH
Boxer has to tease U3A, if missing tweet here JOSHUA
Broke some wind in this hat? STOVEPIPE
Caterpillar leaves one some essential teachings, originally concealed CLOSET
Content to out a handsome statesman UTAHAN
Delight in short time visiting farm THRILL
Doctor eligible, but wanting the French or the Spanish chemist LIEBIG
Expression of disgust, cycling round city? Very much so HUGELY
Fanny Adams finds Puck in Log Cabin extremely elevated NIL
Follower of Fox News frustrated initially with dire output FRIEND
Gathering around an interest in The Iron Stone FEST
Going round the US Open in top place PENTHOUSE
Indian food in fresh 2 gets cheers RAITA
Kind of idea that’s almost satisfied THOUGHTFUL
Lies about a retired Christian’s benign tumours FIBROIDS
Message to go in the Times TWEET
No time for drink later, playing a sort of triangle EQUILATERAL
One of the Ducks on a Pond’s residents, stupid! OAFISH
People like 6 down using iMacs near Barking AMERICANS
Puppies? Small, not large, right? LITTER
Regular provider of the fairest rents TEARS
Reportedly remained sober STAID
Show by topless couple AIR
Superior getting drunk with Mark HIGHGRADE
Tasks for an entrepreneur JOBS

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