The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,672 – Nov 21 2018

Clues Answers
Articulate couple foot bill for replacement locks TOUPEE
Attractive twins come to repudiate origins WINSOME
Bony, itinerant elks departed northwards SKELETAL
Boxers, for example, partially shampoo chests POOCHES
Brilliant spies flounder after ill-treatment SPLENDIFEROUS
Composition of island cricket club, one short of a team CAPRICCIO
Contractor in bottom of gorge beginning to excavate GLUTE
Domestic kitchen full of jam STICK
In good health and out of bed, working on stuff UPTOSNUFF
International organisation says English group not affected UNSWAYED
Loud individual bitten by Snoopy NOISY
Much obliged to a hunky jockey THANKYOU
Old prison of Great Wen put up, then demolished NEWGATE
Ordinary fruit picker runs yard extremely adeptly EVERYDAY
Pretty, half-cut wives frolicking in trailers PREVIEWS
Proposition Mother Courage ultimately abandoned THEOREM
Rises up and starts to attack savage Conservative objectives ASCENDS
Rottenness of most formidable clearing banks CARIES
See 12 OUT
Set out incense back to front RANGE
She has loan of drill, welcoming din BORROWER
Silly smile is easier after losing weight SIMPER
Smelly old dog regularly ran temperature ODORANT
State of Orbán leaving American wanting to scoff HUNGRY
Stupid lapse leads to inept nudist entering A&E ASININE
They cross water using this motorway ISTHMI
Throws light on problems besetting posh store ILLUMINES
Trump up and about, leg reportedly lifted like a dog’s CONCOCT
Unrealistic statement from seller is edited IDEALISED
Using every effort, take drink off total yob ALL
Wrinkle visible at last after male shuns cosmetics CREASE

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