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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,673 – Nov 22 2018

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Clues Answers
A distraught sob by musician who dislikes Fifty Shades of Grey? ABSOLUTIST
A European, in essence, is a discriminating sort AGEIST
Audibly breathe hard, racing in cars like RoboCop? SCIFI
Awful-looking artist getting very old RAVAGED
Battling hard with English soldiers HIGHLANDERS
Big hit from poet one translated HOMERUN
Bug, one way or another EARWIG
Councillor with responsibility for 22’s old man CRONUS
Criminal sent a group of spies in Escobar’s ranch? ESTANCIA
Cry to encourage idiot GOON
Dish carried by salver, as the English say ENTREE
Doorman to put up with dirty work based in Cambridge PORTERHOUSEBLUE
East of Berlin, privileged person denying reality OSTRICH
Film director penning bit of work __ it provokes a reaction ALLERGEN
Film star looks back across time STREEP
Foreign film concerning extremely delectable baked dish ABOUT
Group send rude messages on film SEXTET
Long job for Spinoza, say PANTHEIST
No fool, Henry has status still NOTWITHSTANDING
Official on course to give one power to stop escapade HANDICAPPER
Pay John’s tab for free FOOTLOOSE
President with a place to get a Cabinet? IKEA
Republican, say, is one in party RAVER
Superior papers rejected by lad, if Sun’s out DISDAINFUL
Took case of euphoriants in place of spirits HADES
Well-fed earl leaves lodgings and works out FATHOMS
Workers dressing very Gallic femme fatale TEMPTRESS