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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,677 – Nov 27 2018

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Clues Answers
Actor producing a cliche in a state MICHAEL
Allegedly, media mogul’s a hood COWL
Always in favour of First Lady (Republican) FOREVER
Armageddon might take a while? LASTDAYS
Badger picks up virus No 5 within city limits CHIVVY
Boxer carries cold, firm cloth CALICO
Cable binds black line after home’s impossible to conquer INVINCIBLE
Clouds rising from Maghrib mines NIMBI
Feeling tired, Mole takes shelter SLEEPY
Film work on a second job MOONLIGHT
Fuel stored in older vehicles DERV
I career around, then collapse RUIN
Joy for old Benn is without end: people oust leader! EXHILARATION
Legless man, one goes into pub to participate JOININ
Nothing evil in short book? OBAD
Pollock and other fish numbers returning JACKSON
Prepare clues for Everyman to begin with, Sunday lights up FLUORESCES
Promenades that are out of this world MOONWALKS
Remove dish to fridge GETRIDOF
Revised bible held by a theo¬≠logian’s all made up ADLIBBED
Season and turn Chinese food SPRINGROLL
Since I wear layers, it’s more cold ICIER
Spoiled cat: ‘I loved the good life’ DOLCEVITA
Squeeze right into ship where hacks might be found PRESSGALLERY
Tailor cries over Trump becoming more untidy SCRUFFIER
Time after time, I shall get the queen in sensational film THRILLER
Train tickets over 85% off per person TEACH
Unorthodox final position of Humpty Dumpty? OFFTHEWALL
Welcome tale from the past HISTORY