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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,679 – Nov 29 2018

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Clues Answers
… carries leaders of the original Tory establishment still TOTES
Achilles, perhaps, plucking tail from waterbird HERO
An Englishman in Australia in May gets a duck, going in POM
Apparent Opposition leader well-advised to take time OSTENSIBLE
Appearance by Potus, deranged in respects LOOKSUPTO
Dismissal for duck, perhaps SACKING
Dog found in goose cages DINGO
Drama to escalate about head of church and end of dogma SOAPOPERA
Duck down feather: it’s ultimate stuffing for sofa CROUCH
Duck next to edge of roof, the result of having a drink? TEALEAVES
Extremely small painter, cubist initially, absorbed in Boatman’s reflection MICROMINI
First-rate or second-rate clue, the first to be last in BLUECHIP
Goose detects sounds, though one just won’t listen CLOTH
Goose found in London, perhaps getting angry BRENT
Head of snow goose eating a leafy plant SPINACH
It’s said to be easy, following duck in this way, scoring more SOUP
Clues Answers
Mirror leaders excoriating Commons: “Useless chamber” ECHO
Morning milk, please AMUSE
Oddie’s last report of blue duck ELUDE
Old and comical duck DONALD
One who has faith in house God destroyed, sacrificing goose HINDU
Opinions in Khan’s letters ignored in treatment of skinheads SIDES
Other half of duck, covering top of pancake SPOUSE
Perhaps split, braided to left DESSERT
Pointless pointless pointers NEEDLES
See 26 across EARS
Stirs up core of patently wrong uprising over Poles ENLIVENS
Stretch half of duck portion DURATION
Temporary home for cheeky kids without boundaries CAMP
This duck seen in damn rain, swimming MANDARIN
Tho’ Marconi designed the first modern time machine, this … ATOMICHRON
Very much like duck LOVE