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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,682 – Dec 3 2018

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Clues Answers
Began turning up carrying cargo, initially of spoils DETRACTS
Bird featured in banner headline RHEA
Broke bread in both hands in time LATER
Can first ones in get kitchen utensils? TINOPENERS
Cope with Spike’s perspective STANDPOINT
Edward the First interrupted work of a patricide OEDIPUS
Fairy meets goddess in place that’s unimportant PERIPHERAL
Fanatic makes setter mix cocktail EXTREMIST
Filter surprisingly isn’t rare STRAINER
Fond of a spot in government DOTING
Force prisoners to study CONSTRAIN
Fruit and veg recipe PEAR
Gun dog bites hand of pioneer SETTLER
Help senior officer to function COOPERATE
Lion-tamer is an idle outcast DANIEL
Lustre noticed when touring hotel SHEEN
Mark’s punishment LINES
Number one detective books clown IDIOT
Number taken in by flighty female is to increase HEIGHTEN
One remains in bed, being embarrassed ABASHED
Overcome by today’s leader in newspaper STUN
Patronage put life into Australia AUSPICES
Religious devotee died but not in time OBLATE
Road rage grips Pole? That’s awkward! STRANGE
Ruler to damn building that’s avant-garde ULTRAMODERN
Sing to fellows in hospital department in delight ENCHANTMENT
Top copy marked with a kiss APEX
Trojan bully HECTOR
Winger in a last-minute switch ALTERNATE
Wrap instrument and start to hand through the window CELLOPHANE