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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,690 – Dec 12 2018

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Clues Answers
Accumulates trouble below and on high PILESUP
Air complaint for Mavis SONGTHRUSH
Bad jokes about parking in the capital SKOPJE
Birds raised in these eggs GEESE
Called Island about band member SIDEMAN
Car (rattletrap), one that goes on and on MOTORMOUTH
Deny any connection with row about female DISOWN
Detective showing face around Oxford? GUMSHOE
Dismisses backing band twice before show starts POOHPOOHS
Kill time in US cafe, around about half four SUFFOCATE
King or queen beyond rabbit hole? It’s hard to say JAWBREAKER
Painful condition making a horse trot unevenly SORETHROAT
Punishment from cross man SPANKING
Query reason for neatness POINTOFORDER
Refuse to acknowledge detective’s right DISCLAIM
Reportedly one that’s gone off soft leather NAPPA
Ring doctor about card game OMBRE
See 19 NECK
See 6 TICK
Slap fool that’s left for Germany LIPS
Small child gets into wrong Ford in Bulgarian capital STOTINKA
Someone having tooth extracted that likely heads for small town in Eastern Europe? SHTETL
Speaks about taking the lead from Yorkshire and Surrey openers PASSKEYS
Stare at Johnny before kiss RUBBER
Start of true love? Licks honey, prepared for French kissing TONSILHOCKEY
Start working group ONSET
Tongue-in-cheek, helpful tips for a small person TICH
Umpteenth rallentando’s hidden charm ENTHRAL
Variable length, once absorbed in respectable screw PROPELLER
Wooden home beside main road across northern China INANIMATE