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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,694 – Dec 17 2018

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Clues Answers
A parting of the ways? JUNCTION
A spirited enterprise DISTILLERY
Away after a bushy growth AFRO
Bid to run at this DOUBLE
Court case interrupted for refreshment? TRIBUNAL
Empty-sounding vessel VEIN
Exciting part of serial __ don’t drop off! CLIFFHANGER
Fellow taken by the Spanish oratory CHAPEL
Final bit of agenda covered FAGEND
Hand over currency and evade responsibility PASSTHEBUCK
Laymen deceived shabbily MEANLY
Liquor of unknown make? BRANDY
Listen vaguely, not speaking SILENT
Making possible woman acquiring jewellery ENABLING
Nameless oriental festival EASTER
No palace, alas, but prison for him ALCAPONE
One is perhaps popped in the bath SOAPBUBBLE
Plain aunt disturbed when doctor poked inside TUNDRA
President used to clean up HOOVER
See painful condition end session LOGOUT
Servant’s bust-up DOMESTIC
Sort of pen that spurts? FOUNTAIN
Spin a coin __ watch! TURNIP
Summer accessory in paper cover SUNHAT
Typically, in a slim volume one may write it or type, perhaps POETRY
Woman’s labrador briefly recoils from flowers HERBAL