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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,695 – Dec 18 2018

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Clues Answers
A Barchester clergyman not on the level ASLOPE
A king brought by seaman to a port OSAKA
Ailing, I’d start to take new drug DIGITALIN
Band to undress, ultimate in disgrace STRIPE
Big story about the same big health problem EPIDEMIC
Bird from cage, loose, struggling under farm building BARNACLEGOOSE
Bird left on far side of river OUSEL
Bishop needing to phone wife maybe to prove a point BRINGHOME
Conversation sure to be rambling after party DISCOURSE
Expression of surprise from place lacking redemption and love HELLO
Fie, ban diesel! Unlikely not to be done away with INDEFEASIBLE
Given map instructions, drove off ROUTED
Hot glow of anger in experience with BA? FIRELIGHT
Huge seat falling apart outside old lodge GATEHOUSE
Indigenous people rebel endlessly under Communist dictator MAORIS
Material provided by poet rejected TOILE
Mediterranean vessel traversing small lake is poetic SPONDAIC
One worker in East going after fish oil BRILLIANTINE
One’s featuring in play with no hint of eloquence being required? FIGURANT
Philosopher with old books having mountain to climb PLATO
Possible clue to ‘erod being a sinner WRONGDOER
Quiet merriment is organised around 1 May? PRIMEMINISTER
See this place with car HEREFORD
Sharp Conservative has some-thing to gain advantage CLEVER
Show deference? Gosh, what a childish creature! BOWWOW
Struggled, being weak at first, then was first after break WRESTLED
What’s worn by everyone going round is plain LLANO
Where transport cafe is, notices one that’s journeyed around ROADSIDE