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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,696 – Dec 19 2018

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Clues Answers
Big college that is accom­modating unknown number KINGSIZE
Capital idea to start with, after one’s broken record TAIPEI
Car from Providence somewhere in Italy RIMINI
Compound of zinc’s the cure in the end for German intellect NIETZSCHE
Cup __ runner holds it during service DEMITASSE
Electrical device __ more foolish instrument of punishment DIMMER
English books inclined to be involved ENTANGLED
Evidence hack, say, was there to find clue __ nothing concerning promotion in it HOOFPRINT
Feed unlimited dill, in herbaceous plant SILAGE
Glassy expression’s first seen in very upset suitor VITREOUS
Greek song others performed around piano STROPHE
Gun crime at a higher level getting criticism initially STICKUP
Hit __ almost hit back CONK
Hunter, head in plaster bloodied on a rock PREDATOR
In opposite directions, lacquered metalware taken STOLEN
Jumper in equestrian sport with narrow margin of victory POLONECK
King spoiling absurd plan DRAFT
Most happening to see border in Italian city that’s not closed TRENDIEST
Red skirts __ rip off skirting CRIMSON
Ride straight on up the creek GHOST
Sailor finds companion on piece of land MATELOT
Scanning text quickly, Twitter covering fear of urinals? SPEED
See 23 TRAIN
Southern frontiersman, big chap STRAPPER
Sponge cakes right for composer BERG
Variety in a wine list a growing concern for heavy drinkers, perhaps? WAISTLINE
Voices raised in terrible argument, referee initially knocked over by players CASTRATI
With drunken glee I’m glugging absinthe to begin with __ how far gone? MILEAGE