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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,698 – Dec 21 201

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Clues Answers
Articulate English sister spies tortoiseshell ENUNCIATE
Bill deserts love for 2 ORATION
Cook stipulated chestnuts PLATITUDES
Crack small fruit I pinched SOLVE
Criticise cast not taking sides, essentially ASPERSE
Cut short series about to be shown in gallery TRUNCATE
Did rail overrun, as some may say? INVEIGHED
Eg articles a perfect shop’s displayed PARTSOFSPEECH
He abandons ornamental hat and tackle ADDRESS
House officer working for Mark SEMICOLON
It soothes anyone at sea rounding Land’s End ANODYNE
It’s got to change to accom­modate language, primarily GLOTTIS
Last words of two people hugging one? ADIEUX
Musical director withdraws case DATIVE
Not a good time to limit latest banter BADINAGE
Pat’s blue uniform fitted in previously RIGHTONCUE
Polynesian bird once seen in clinic SAMOAN
Send messages in tiny dry bottles TWEET
Spanish runner featuring in outside broadcast EBRO
Support inserted in vessel or loudspeaker STENTOR
The Orient Express carried a lot of engineers FAREAST
The priest in Paris saves time for talk LECTURE
They qualify subtly and accurately, maybe ADVERBS
They usually enclose 9 estimates QUOTES
This puzzle has one note around the edge THEME
This writer’s former old thick coat IMPASTO
Top expert brings in millions ACME
Transport people back out of condition ESTATECAR
Wander over island, one in NZ MAORI